Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To My Son: Westin

Dear Sweet Westin:

It's your birthday!  This is a big one-- you are FIVE today.  I'm so excited about this birthday because I know how excited you are.  I can't wait to watch the joy and excitement on your face as we celebrate you.  

I've learned so much about you this year!  One of my greatest joys in this life is getting to know you.  It's such a pleasure to watch your personality develop and be around you day in and day out as all the little changes take place.  

You have such a sweet, gentle spirit and it's equaled by your confident, outgoing outlook on life.  You care deeply about other people and are careful not to make mistakes-- but this doesn't keep you from standing up, answering questions, asking questions, and putting yourself out there.  I hope you can maintain this balance because I don't know many other people who are so strong in both areas-- with the exception being your Daddy! 

I love how much you love to help.  Helping others is a joy to you and you do it without being asked on many occasions.  I also hear your compassion for other people come out in your prayers as you pray for people that you know don't have all the luxuries that you have.  I pray that you always have a strong compassion for people and a desire to help in any way you can.

You are brilliant.  You are always challenging me with your questions and follow-up questions.  You soak up everything around you and have such an easy way of analyzing and making sense of things.  You amaze me and I look forward to watching you as you continue to learn and I pray you will always have a love of learning.

Thank you for your patience with me as learning to be your mommy is an ongoing process! I'm praying daily that I will be the mommy you need me to be and that our awesome God will make up for my weaknesses so that you will have every opportunity to be the man we desire you to be!  I'm so grateful for our relationship and I pray that it will remain strong throughout our lives.  You are such a blessing to me! 

Happy birthday, love!  I'm so glad we get to celebrate you today and I hope you feel as special as you are.  Never, ever forget how much your mommy loves you!       

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