Friday, April 21, 2017

Campbell {6 months}

Our Campbell Caroline is 6 months old!  
(okay, by the time I am finishing this post, she is actually 7 months old... but she WAS 6 months old when I took these photos! Keeping up with 6 peoples schedules is no joke, friends! :P) 

She is a joyful little person who lights up our lives in ways we couldn't have dreamed just 6 short months ago. 

 Cami is snuggly-sweet, expressive, loves to chat, and play with her brothers.  She squeals like a girl, which we all find so incredibly amusing.  Everything about her is such a change of pace for us & we are all enjoying her thoroughly!

 It's so fun to watch her interact with each of us.  She melts her Daddy's heart with her shy snuggles & scrunchy-nose grin.  Westin is the proudest big brother there ever was & just can't get enough of her.  She recently started babbling "buh-buh" and he was overjoyed, as this is the name all of his little siblings call him.  Tucker is the most careful with her, always making sure everyone else is being gentle enough for "our girl."  Brooks is constantly in her face, giving her kisses, and telling her how much he loves her & how they're best friends.  And really, its true.  She lights up when he's around and gives him the best belly laughs. 

 This frame in her room perfectly sums up how I feel about her.  I of course, would have been so grateful for a family of all boys, but since she joined us, I've been overwhelmed with what an amazing little gift she is. 

 She got her first two teeth this month, both came in at the same time & I didn't even realize she was teething until they popped through!  This blessing was NOT lost on us.  

 We think our little lady is just perfectly lovely.  She has the bluest blue eyes of any of our babies, a hint of strawberry in her blonde hair, reminds us a lot of her daddy but definitely has her mommy's cheeks :) She's uniquely Campbell and I find myself staring at her quite often, just trying to memorize her.
We love you more than words, Cami-Bell!  So glad God gave you to us to treasure.