Monday, June 27, 2016

Dear Tucker {5th Edition}

Dear Sweet Tucker Boy,

Today we are celebrating five years of loving you!! I'm so thankful every day that God sent you to us to love and for the enormous blessing you are to each of us.  You keep us in stitches every day and show us a whole new level of compassion & thoughtfulness.  You continue to amaze us at how one person can be the master of both button pushing & peace making.  

You kept us waiting to meet you, waiting for just the right day to be born-- but you were worth the wait!  My very first thought when I saw you for the first time was amazement and how different you already were from your brother-- and you continue to break the mold and give us new reasons to love you for all the things that make you you!  

I'm so excited to watch you grow over this next year as I know it will be such a big year for you.  I'll always be thankful God made me your mommy and for giving us the special relationship that we share.  I love you sweet boy, happy, happy birthday to you!!