Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dear Westin

To my sweet Westin,

Happy second birthday!  As I sit down and reflect on the past year, it went even faster than your first :)  I’m afraid that I will be saying that every year!  I just cannot think of any bigger blessing than the blessing of being your mommy.

You have transformed this year from my sweet baby to my darling little boy!  It has been such a joy to be a part of your world as you have learned to walk and talk and run and play. You are 100% boy-- as if we had any doubt from the beginning!  You are enamored with anything that makes noise and moves and you cannot get enough of being outside and playing with all your balls and cars and trucks and power tools.  

You melt my heart when you smile at me and say, “I love you!” If you only knew how much I love you!  You are more precious to me than I ever could have imagined and I had pretty high expectations :).  You keep me in stitches daily with your sense of humor and mischievousness. I just love the way your precious little mind works and am constantly entertained by your expressions.  You’re a bright little boy and constantly learning-- I just love to “learn” with you!

Thank you for continually teaching me new things!  This year has been full of new lessons again, as I’m sure each year will be as we experience new things together. You and I don’t have many things in common (so far) but I could not love you more.  I know God had a plan in making me your mommy and you my son.  I’m thankful for the ways I have seen him stretch and mold me as he’s stretching and molding you.  I have a feeling that there will be lots more of this in our future! Some days I feel like I’ve been pushed to my limit... and then I realize I can push myself further!  I’ve learned that sometimes what is best for you is NOT something that is easy for ME... but because I love you, I will find a way to do or be what you need-- and that has been a huge blessing for me.

I’m so thankful for the way you love me and the relationship that we have built over the past two years.  I pray that it continues to grow and deepen and that I will be able to cultivate the wonderful qualities I see growing in you-- you are so determined and passionate and I am excited to see where those qualities will take you in life.  You are also very compassionate and loving and I am excited to watch as your love for people drives you to be who our God has designed you to be.

I’m thankful to take this day to celebrate you!  You have been nothing but a blessing and enrichment to all of our lives and we love you more than you can possibly know right now.  

I’m so glad you’re mine, sweet boy!  Happy birthday!