Saturday, January 12, 2013

That's a Wrap, 2012

I've been wanting to sit down to write this post for a couple weeks now, I just have not been able to carve out the appropriate amount of time!  I hope I haven't forgotten too many details already :)

The weekend before Christmas, we were blessed to take a mini-getaway up to Breckenridge for a little skiing & R&R.  Skiing for Kreg & Westin and R&R for Tucker & I :) Kreg's good friend & mentor, Doc Lambeth, invited us to come stay with him in his condo & we jumped on the opportunity... Not only did we have a great place to stay, but we thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent catching up with Doc! He spoiled us rotten & we're so thankful we got to sneak in a couple days with him while he was here. Our friends Lee & Melinda Reed were also headed up that way for the weekend so we met up with them as well.  This was Westin's first skiing trip and we were all SO excited for him.  We may have gone a little overboard on the ski gear, but we found good deals and it was all just so cute we couldn't help ourselves.  We put him in ski school and he LOVED it.  We went out to watch him that afternoon and his ski instructor told us "he is SO ready to go down the mountain with you.  He's just the best little 3-year-old!" Of course that made us super-proud and he finished the last run of the day with Kreg & Doc Lambeth.  SO fun.  Tucker & I fit in some hot tub time, some shopping time, some eating time, and some watching time.  It was perfect :)  

We LOVED having Kreg around so much with the way Christmas & New Years fell this year.  He got two five-day weekends in a row and we were SPOILED!  We stayed close to home for Christmas this year so we got lots of play-time in.  

Christmas Eve we started off slow, took the boys out to lunch, then came home and made brownies to leave for Santa.  We opened our gifts to each other that afternoon.  We had so much fun with gifts this year!  The boys are at a really fun stage to shop for because they're just thrilled with everything.  

After we opened our gifts to each other, we met my family for a nice dinner at Tucano's, a Brazilian Steakhouse here in town... we stuffed ourselves, then went back to my parents' house to open gifts with them and my siblings... three hours later... we were on our way home with two very sleepy boys!

Christmas morning gets more and more fun every year too!  Westin is 3 1/2 and this is the first year he's known what to expect.  I think the anticipation is really the best part of Christmas for me :) For him, of course, it's waking up Christmas morning to see all that Santa left for him! The one present he kept talking about and made sure to ask Santa for when we saw him was a "remote control Sonic car."  And that was exactly what he searched for first, even though it was much smaller than most of what Santa left :) The look of joy on his face when he saw it was just magical.  I just LOVE Christmas with these boys!

Did I mention it was a BEAUTIFUL white Christmas??  How much more perfect does it get??

After getting ready, we went to my parents' for breakfast burritos & to do stockings with them.  Then we all headed up to Denver to do Christmas dinner & presents with my grandparents & extended family. We spent the rest of the day up there and again, came home with two very sleepy boys!

We had a very low-key New Years.  We were thankful to be able to relax, reflect, and ring in 2013 by the fireplace, watching for my sister who was in Times Square this year. 2012 was a very crazy year for many people, but through everything we have felt so very blessed!  God has been so good to our family and we could not be more thankful!  We are looking forward to everything He has in store for us in 2013. We have lots of hopes & plans and we pray that they all work out-- but we find so much comfort in the knowledge that ultimately, plans never work out EXACTLY as planned, but they do work out for the good.  (Romans 8:28)      

Thursday, January 10, 2013

just for the record....

I SOOO want to sit down and write about the rest of the Holidays... but it's going to have to wait until this weekend.  I don't even have ten minutes to sit down and write it all out.  MUST. GET. MY. LACK- OF -TIME. PROBLEM. UNDER. CONTROL.