Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Westin Today- 20.5 months

I am staying inside today!  Currently it is -6 degrees at my house! I'm using today as a great opportunity to catch up on all of the things that I have neglected over the past week of sickness at our house! 

As I've been working, I've been thinking of how much I'm enjoying Westin at this stage and how I need to write down all the things he's into and my favorite things he says :) He is so 150% boy and we wouldn't want him any other way!  He keeps me hopping all the time!  He is very into matchbox cars (he loves playing with Kreg's old collection and has a few new ones of his own).  My striped rug in my bathroom has become a perfect little road for his cars and he very much enjoys playing with them at the very bottom of the stairs and driving them up and down the first couple of steps.  (Yes, this is hazardous... he is careful but Kreg & I are always stepping on a stray matchbox car as we come down the stairs) He's also very into mega-blocks and can entertain himself for very long periods of time building towers and such... many times, his towers turn into cars that are driven around the living room with the appropriate sound effects.  He also loves trains, especially Thomas, and "Melmo" (Elmo) from Sesame Street.  When he's not playing with his cars or his blocks or watching Melmo, he loves to fix things with his little tool set.  There's nothing he can't hammer or screw or drill or saw!  And believe it or not, nothing gets him more excited than a great big, loud vacuum!  He is always right there when he hears my vacuum start and is ready to "help."  He also has his own little dirt devil that actually picks up dust here and there.  His very favorite vacuum is my mom (Mimi)'s big Kirby.  

Some of my favorite phrases of his right now are:
okay-- pronounced very drawn out-- "Ohhh-ka-aayyy"
"hand hold" rather than hold hands :)
"Bob On" TV on... reminiscent of when he only wanted to watch Veggie Tales
"Ball Bong" soccer ball
"Uh LU LOO" I love you

He got a haircut this weekend that made him look so much older to me!  I can't believe how much he has changed in the short 20.5 months I have known him :) It's been more of a joy than I could have ever anticipated! He looks so much like his Daddy right now and has so many of his personality traits-- which I love, of course :)