Wednesday, December 10, 2014

FALL, in a nutshell

 My apologies if this post won't even load for you due to the overwhelming number of photos I have attempted to include!  This, my friends, is the Kell Family's Fall in a Nutshell.  

In lieu of our normal trip to the Colorado Pumpkin Patch, we took a quick trip down to Pueblo and visited a local farm, Musso Farms, that does a hayride to their field where you can pick your own pumpkin.  It was so fun!  It felt very "legit" and was waaay cheaper than the alternative ;)  The boys had a blast finding just the right pumpkins!
 Those sweet faces :)

 Kevin & Taylor joined us and found their perfect pumpkins too :)

 It wouldn't be fall without soccer in this household!  Both boys played this season and it was SO FUN.  Pride Soccer is the organization we've played for the past couple of years and they were so great with the schedule this year-- having two boys on two different teams, they scheduled all but one game back-to-back.  Kreg helped coach both teams so this was MUCH appreciated!  It made having two boys playing seem super easy. Westin has played with the same team for 2 years now and it has been too much fun watching them all learn and grow. 

As you can see, Westin has inherited the Kell "stick your tongue out when exerting energy" gene! I love it!

 I LOVE watching Kreg coach the boys.  I'm so thankful he has a heart for coaching and that he's such a natural at it.  Even when we're talking about 3-year-olds! He's just so good with them!
 I'm also super thankful that we live close to my family and that they get to be a part of the boys' activities!  Thanks for being at their games, Chief & Mimi!  It wouldn't be the same without you :)
 Tucker was a HOOT to watch.  It was obvious that he's been waiting his turn for as long as he can remember.  He's a natural and never went a game without scoring at least one goal. 
Oh what fun we had with Halloween this year!  The boys had so much fun carving their pumpkins!  I am happy to play the role of "photographer" for this annual activity-- I'm not a fan of the gutting... but the boys LOVED it and got very into it this year!  As per our tradition, we carved with my entire family & all their significant others. 
 I loved this sweet moment with Westin & Chief... "helping" with the carving!
Brooks thought pumpkin carving was hilarious.  I think he agrees with me on the guts part, though!
I finally put one of my babies in their pumpkin!  I've wanted to do this with each baby but never made it happen until #3.  I'll be honest... the first time I put him in he was NOT having it... second time, after a proper nap and a full tummy, he thought it was great :)
This family of boys is very in to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this fall.  So, naturally, that's what we had to be for Halloween.  Aren't they the cutest little turtles you've ever seen?  I think so.  But I'm supposed to :)

 Westin-- AKA, Leonardo
 Brooks-- AKA, Michaelangelo

 Tucker-- AKA, Raphael

 We "trunk-or-treated" at our church this year which was perfect.  It was a chilly evening so having all the vehicles decked out and lined up close together was ideal.  Sadly, I did not get one photo of this because I was helping with the photobooth.  But the boys had a great time and got plenty of candy.  In fact, we implemented the "switch witch" this year... the boys got to pick out their ten favorite pieces of candy and they set the rest of it out for the switch witch-- who came and brought them TMNT headphones, hats, and gloves.  It was a success :) The boys were thrilled with their gifts and we kept the sugar poisoning to a minimum!

 As crazy as it sounds, I went to Las Vegas TWICE this fall.  Once in September, once in October. In September, I went with my mom & sisters (and Brooks) for our annual girls trip.  This is always a much-anticipated time for doing all our favorite things: catching up, pool time, reading, shopping, and eating.  I didn't get many photos, but the memories were fantastic.  I'm so thankful for the relationships I have with these beautiful women. 

 In October, we went with State Farm for their Agency Convention.  For those of you who don't know, Kreg officially started as a State Farm Agent October 1st.  He's been managing my Dad's agency for the past several years and was able to take over his own agency this fall.  It has been a whirlwind for us, and a real dream come true.  He's worked incredibly hard for this opportunity and we're so excited for what's in store for us.  If you haven't already, follow his business page on facebook to keep up with this part of our lives: 

The rest of my family also came with my Dad and we mixed business with pleasure :) Besides some really great business meetings, we enjoyed the following:

Pool Time!

The Tournament of Kings Dinner Show

 Frozen Hot Chocolate At Serendipity 3
 Sushi Double Date!
 The M & M Factory
 Carnival, Concert (Kool & The Gang and Jon Bon Jovi), and Fireworks thanks to the fabulous State Farm

Our Holiday Season is in full swing and Lord willing I will be documenting this soon.  I'm so grateful for each season we're blessed with and the memories I'm making with my sweet family. We are blessed beyond measure!