Friday, January 7, 2011

Thinking Pink

In case any of you have not already heard, we are having a little girl!!!! We are so very excited to add a daughter to our family and so thankful that our awesome God is keeping her safe and healthy! 

Her name will be Emerson Anne Kell.  We chose Anne to honor my mom, Tami LeAnne, my grandmother, Priscilla JoAnne, and my great-grandmother, Doris Ann.  These are three of the strongest, godliest, most beautiful women I know, all of whom have influenced my life in such amazing ways.  I am so excited for my daughter to have such wonderful women from both of our families to learn from and love! 

I knew it had to be a girl because this pregnancy has been SO DIFFERENT from Westin's.  Different symptoms, different feelings, different eating & weight gaining patterns... it HAD to be!  I have not been nearly as sick as I was with Westin, as of today, I am still 2 lbs lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight, & I have NO baby bump at 17 weeks with baby #2! I'm not worried, though-- we saw her on Wednesday and she is growing right on schedule and seems to be doing just great :)  Here are some pictures of she & I so far on this little journey!



  1. Oh my goodness. I am trying so hard not to be mad at you right now!!! At 17 weeks, I looked almost full term! Haha! But seriously, I am so excited for y'all!!!

  2. Oh how sweet! I love how you have a sonogram picture of little Emerson right next to the picture of your (non-existent) tummy! So creative--what a precious gift!!