Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dear Westin {7th Edition}

To the little boy who stole my heart 7 years ago today: Happy Birthday, baby!!

As I think back on that very loooong day 7 years ago when we first got to meet you, it's so hard to imagine not having you in our world! You are a huge part of what makes us "us" and I'm so thankful God knew to send you to us at just the right time.  

That first night while everyone else passed out from exhaustion, you & I stayed up and got to know each other.  I remember studying your deep dimples & your "helmet" of soft black hair & thinking you were the most perfect thing in the world.  We've definitely had our moments of ups & downs over the past 7 years, but I still study your sweet face & thank God that he made you mine!  I have loved every moment of learning about you and watching the darling personality that goes with those deep dimples unfold.  You are a blessing to everyone whose life you touch and I am so proud of you every day!
 This has been such a big year for us as you've started school & learned an all new independence! As hard as I knew that would be for my mommy heart, you made it so easy and gave me so many more reasons to be proud of you.  It's been such a pleasure to observe you as you found your place among your peers and we couldn't be more thrilled with the leader that you are in and out of your classroom.  Our prayer for you is that you continue to develop those leadership skills and that your heart will always be for people-- always looking for the opportunities to love and serve them!

I'm eager to enjoy our day with you and your fun-loving, energetic self!  Thank you for being my baby and my big boy, all wrapped up in one delightful person~ I love you to the moon & back, to infinity & beyond!

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