Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Baby Kell #4 is...

Kreg & I got to see our sweet baby this morning!

Look at that beautiful profile.

The boys have been so anxious to know if they are getting another brother or a sister so as soon as Westin got home we lined them up to tell them all at once! 

It's a BOY! 

There's no doubt in my mind now that God made me to be a boy mom.  It's a privilege to raise these boys into men and a responsibility Kreg & I do not take lightly.

It will be wild.
It will be loud.
It will be dirty.
It will be treasured.

These boys are obviously just fine with another brother!
I know everyone will naturally ask "are you done, then?" and the answer is yes.  This is our last baby! I'm not sure I will ever be completely at peace with that but I'm so thankful for Kreg's leadership and vision for our family and as we immerse ourselves fully in the world of boys I look forward to the adventures to come with our complete family of 6!

Baby's name is Campbell Curtis Kell

In keeping with our tradition of giving our boys middle names to honor another family member, we chose Curtis to honor Kreg's mom and the amazing family she comes from!  We are so thrilled to be able to use this strong name for our baby boy and can't wait to meet him and see how he makes his name come to life!


  1. Tears of joy and love in my eyes! I know for an absolute fact that God knows what awesome, strong, Godly boys to men you and Kreg are raising - and it is an honor! I could not be more thrilled to have another grandson! I look forward to watching the dynamics of 4 boys! YAY!

  2. I always love reading your perspective, Keleigh, and I am so grateful that you are the mother of these wonderful boys. As you know 4 boys does not equal four of the same. Each one has his own unique personality and gifts. I see God using you and Kreg to help develop the gifts and abilities of each one! What a blessing!! My eyes are all misty! Love you all!

  3. Congrats from a proud uncle-in-law! That is one lucky baby to be born into such a fabulous family of God-loving heritage. Can't wait to meet him! Blessings, -Gerald