Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tucker {4 years old}

 Tucker Kreg {4 years old}

 Oh, Tucker!  Where do I even start?  Tucker Kreg turned four this summer! My blond hair, green-eyed boy has broken the Kell Boy mold in many ways.

Tucker & I do preschool together a few days a week and it is such a treasure to me to have this time with him "one-on-one..." I put that in quotation marks because Brooks is very much here with us but I do my best to keep him occupied long enough to give Tucker as much of my undivided attention as possible.  And let me tell you, if you ever get a chance to get this boy one-on-one, you are in for a real treat.  Getting a little insight into how his mind works is jut fascinating!  He thinks outside the box and I can't wait to see how that develops as he gets older.   Right now its just plain fun :)

Like the rest of the Kell boys, Tucker loves being outside and being active.  He's been able to play soccer, basketball, and take swimming lessons this year, and he excels in every sport.   He struggles when he's too young to do something Westin is already doing and I think this just gives him that little extra motivation, not to mention an upper hand at understanding said sport, to be the very best when he does get his chance to play!  He blew our minds with his rock climbing skills when we found a gym that allowed him to give it a try-- he just climbed all the way up like he was Spiderman!  He was THRILLED that he was allowed to climb :)

His favorite color is green and he frequently points out that he & I are the only ones in the family with "matching green eyes." 

His favorite food is pizza & pineapples... at least that's what he said when I asked him!  He's a great eater and will try just about anything.  No food fear for this 4-year-old. 

His favorite game is "Lego Star Wars" on the ipad-- he and Westin put their hard earned money together to each come up with $3.50 to pay for the full game so they could stop playing the one free level :) Thank goodness for the family icloud sharing!

His favorite movie is Star Wars-- the Force Awakens 

He would like to have a baby pig for a pet and discusses this possibility with us frequently.  He told us recently he would like a farm for his birthday so he can finally get his baby pig.  This child.

He is fascinated by tornadoes so we had to start watching tornado documentaries because he asked questions I had NO idea how to answer.  He's the expert if you ever want to know any random twister facts!


 Tucker has the biggest heart and is always so conscientious of other people and their feelings.  He also has a classic ornery streak and its always so fascinating to me to see how these traits go hand in hand so well :)  He's the perfect middle brother-- he holds his ground with Westin & his friends and his gentle side comes out with Brooks-- and really ALL babies.  He's the first one to give up something that belongs to him to make someone else happy. He's protective and playful and we just love him to pieces. 

Thank you, God, for our Tucker Kreg!  Please bless him as he continues to grow and learn and love You and Your people and Your creation so deeply. 

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