Monday, January 11, 2016

Brooks William {18 months}

 Brooks William Kell, 18 months

Sweet Brooks! How fun you are! You are in full-on little boy mode! You bring such joy to our family & a good amount of challenge to our day-to-day.  You are energetic and playful, sweet and snuggly, smart and funny, and your smile-- your smile is SO contagious!

 You are talking up a storm! Every day is a new word and you have an uncanny knack for stringing them together to make lengthy sentences to tell us exactly how you feel or exactly what happened or exactly what you want.  

 Your favorite things are: 

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!  Your favorite characters are Mickey (Kick-ey) and Donald (Nonald)-- you sing along with the songs and interact with the characters.  Any time we see something with Mickey on it while we're out, we have to stop to investigate!

Football!  As soon as Daddy walks through the door and you've given him your "daddy HOOOME" squeeze, you ask him "watch foo-ball?"  You enjoy watching it and playing it with your Daddy.  You have quite the little arm!

Your Brothers! "Bubba" & "Kucko" are your best friends and your biggest role models.  You just KNOW you're one of them and there's nothing you feel you can't do with them.  They love you too!  They think you're the cutest thing on planet earth and they would do anything to protect you.

Sweet potato fries!  You eat all of yours and mommy's too! 

Backpacks!  You always want to wear your brother's and load it up with your stuff-- so we got you one for yourself and you think its just awesome.

 Brooks William, you are SO loved! We love having you as part of our family & we delight in all of your "firsts" and in each new discovery.  We are so glad God entrusted you to our care and we pray that your heart will always seek Him and strive to love & serve His people. 

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  1. What a beautiful post! I love the way you treasure each stage of your boys lives.