Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter at MY House

I'm shocked at myself for getting a post up on Easter.. the day after Easter.  If only I could always get up early & get these done before my day technically starts! My parents & sisters decided to go to Hawaii over Easter this year so our little family (and my brother) celebrated Easter Sunday without them-- which means it was my first time to do it myself! Overall I'm pretty pleased with how it all worked out although I don't wish for my family to be out of town every year!  One of the BIG perks of living in the same town is being able to spend holidays together.  We celebrated with them last week before they left so we found a way to get the best of both worlds!

Coloring Eggs:
What a fun age my boys are at for coloring eggs!  They both had sooo much fun and only broke a couple of the eggs ;). We were able to do this Saturday while Kreg was home and while a gentle spring rain fell right outside.  Perfect.

The Easter Bunny:
The Easter Bunny anticipated the need for some pool-side fun this summer so he stocked us up on pool toys, beach towels, swim trunks, and some other fun little goodies & treats. Tucker was sure to leave a carrot for him before he went to sleep!

Easter Outfits:
Although someday I would LOVE to have a little girl to dress on Easter Sunday, I have a good amount of fun with my little boys :) They got blazers, oxfords & sperry's this year and were quite the little gentlemen.  I seized the opportunity to have Kreg snap a photo of Brooks & I in our Easter best as well-- 32 weeks and counting!  I just can't wait to meet my newest little man.  Just a couple more months!  And yes, my belly button is crazyyyy. 

Sunday Lunch:
I would say that my first Easter lunch came out JUST fine!  We came home from church to a yummy smelling home and were thankful to have my brother and Taylor's boyfriend join us for my first attempt!

I'm so thankful for so many things as I reflect on this post and the memories made this weekend!  I'm thankful for my family-- every single one of you!  I'm thankful for the weekend that my little family got to spend together.  I'm thankful for good friends at our little church.  I'm thankful for the health we are so blessed with.  And most of all, I'm thankful that not only did my Savior die for me, He also lives! And I can approach the throne of grace with confidence because of this!  Thank you, God!

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