Friday, November 22, 2013


Fall has come and gone! We've had fun and kept busy, of course :) Highlights include:

I was so blessed to be able to take a girls trip with my mom and sisters.  This is something we've talked about multiple time and never pulled the trigger on.  It was Kreg's first time flying solo with the boys and he did awesome of course.  The boys loved having Daddy home to play and he had lots of fun things planned for them while I played with the girls.  We spent three days in Las Vegas (my second trip there this year... definitely a record.) at the Wynn -- eating, shopping, and swimming and reading to our hearts content.  There was also a lot of hairspray clouds, makeup sessions, and girl talk.  Perfect.  We saw the same show Kreg & I saw in May-- Le Reve by Cirque du Soleil and it may have been even better the second time-- there's too much going on to take it all in the first time! I can't say enough how thankful I am to have a hubby who I can trust with my babies! That's what made it the most enjoyable. 

Westin played his second season of soccer this fall.  Kreg was able to help coach his team again and he had many of the same boys from the spring season on the fall team.  It was so fun to watch them all and see how far they've come since spring! He decided his favorite "position" to play is the "tail" -- aka, defense.  He very much enjoys and is also quite good at taking the ball away from potential scorers and keeping that ball out of the "no zone."  I love 4 & 5 year old soccer terminology :) Tucker is itching to play so bad.  It's tough being the little brother!

We snuck away for a quick trip to Estes to see the fall colors, hear the elk bugle, and see my Grandparents. It's been much harder to get up there since the floods in September that washed out all the canyons that led to Estes.  We had to "go around" which added an extra hour to the trip.  The devastation was just surreal.  It's hard to imagine that water can create that much damage! 


I have to brag on Kreg again because he ran his first full marathon in October! We were all SO proud of him.  He had been training and pushing himself all summer so this was a very exciting accomplishment.  His Dad was able to fly out to support him and I know that meant the world to him.  

This meant the world to me! When we were running together to train for our half marathon in May, we had a "halfway kiss" tradition.  We stopped at the halfway point to cheer him on and he ran over and gave me a quick halfway kiss :) It made me feel like I was a little part of his accomplishment!

Halloween also came and went and we had the pleasure of taking The Lone Ranger & Tonto to Trunk or Treat at our church :) it was a very fun time and I think my boys looked super cute in their costumes. 


November has been fairly low-key so far.  Kreg spent a week hunting in Grand Lake with my Dad and the boys and I have been spending our days running between playdates, photoshoots, baby showers & birthday parties-- and that's how we like it :) We also manage to fit in time to have fun at home with our "preschool."  These are precious times to me and my boys and I'm so thankful that I get to stay home and be with them :)  

We are all VERY much looking forward to all the upcoming Holidays and all the special people we are going to be able to spend time with.  Hopefully I will be able to take a little more time to sit down and write down all of our adventures before I forget the fun little details!


  1. Precious memories all the way around!

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