Wednesday, August 21, 2013

about my babies

It's that time again... my phone is blowing up with all the things I've been saving to remind myself of what I need to write down about my babies.  Who really aren't babies anymore :( But I will probably keep calling them that well into their sixties.  


Wes amused us this summer as he played t-ball for the first time!  Although we were not overly impressed with the program, we were impressed with his natural ability and adored watching him run the bases :) For those of you who don't know... baseball is in his blood.  On Kreg's side that is! Several of the men on both sides of Kreg's family played baseball into college and they are related to George Kell(somewhat distantly...someone can probably correct me here, but I believe he was Kreg's grandfather's cousin?), National Baseball Hall of Famer from the fifties... We're certainly not planning our retirement around a pro career in our future, but we sure had fun watching him play!

I can't get enough of watching him think and learn and grow.  The insights I get into his precious little mind are just priceless to me!  Some of my favorites as of late:  * "Mommy... I haven't been following God's directions." Me: "What?" Westin: "Because I haven't been staying in my big boy bed." Me:" Ohh.  So what do you think you need to do about that?"  Westin: "I need to stay all night in my big boy bed and God will take care of me.  Otherwise I might have to be three years old for FORTY YEARS." {side note... yes, we typically have four people in our bed by the time 3 or 4 am rolls around... we're working on it... CIO is NOT for us, not even at 2 or 4 years old. That's just one of those parental instincts we chose to listen to... but that's a whole different topic} {side side note: He's picking up on biblical numerology! Maybe he will be a theologian one day :)}

 * "Daddy... can you take a walkie talkie to work with you?"

 *Westin is the most social creature I know... he did not get that from me. It's good for me, though... he pushes me out of my shell on a regular basis!  You can frequently hear him say: "Ooh, I haven't met HER yet!"

 *He needs absolute answers.  Maybe/I don't know/probably... these answers do not suffice.  He will keep pressing you until he gets an answer that satisfies him.  It's tough being the mom :) I wish I always had all the answers!


Sweet Tucker.  I am constantly amazed at how well he "gets me."  I'm not sure yet if this means we have similar personalities or if they're just very complimentary. Somehow he anticipates my feelings EXTREMELY better than anyone else I know... and he just turned two.  Not only does he have a good idea of what I'm feeling but what I need at the moment.  A hug, an "I love you mommy," an "it's okay," someone to sit nicely with me... I can only hope I am as good at perceiving needs as he is {at a mere two years old}.  It's very humbling. He is a peacemaker.  Thankfully! But don't get me wrong... his competitive spirit is alive and well.  There isn't anything his brother can do that he can't... and if there is, it's very frustrating to him. 

He's brilliant.  I know I say that about both my kids and I think it's true.  I'm extremely biased, I know :) But indulge me as I talk about some of the new things he's doing! For instance, he has displayed a firm grasp of cause/effect relationships.  "because" is a frequent part of his vocabulary... "because I LOVE him" is my favorite answer to just about any question. "because I'm hungry" and "because I no no how" are also good ones :) Last week I overheard him telling a little boy a few months younger than him "the sun makes the ground hot." A few days later I was washing his hands and he told me, "I like hot water.  Hot kills the germs, but too hot makes burns." 

He tells knock-knock jokes.  It's hilarious! They don't always make sense, but he laughs and we laugh and it's great :) 

We've had a really great summer :) It went very fast, of course, but we managed to fit in several fun things for our little family of four.  Here's a quick list of highlights!

Monument Lake sunset

4-wheeling in Estes

Tucker's dream come true... petting the horsies

Date Night at the Rockies Game

Big Helper :)

Movie Night at the Park

Pizza Picnic at the Park

Camping at Tarryall

Family Date to the Aquarium

Thanking the Firefighters...after another scary summer!

4th of July fun

I am just blessed beyond measure and so thankful for every day!

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  1. I love to read your family updates that are loaded with photos of some of my favorite people! Love you to all!