Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa & The Boys

We did letters to Santa this year for the first time!  Westin has been telling us for a month now that he is going to ask Santa for: "A toy airplane, a toy car, a toy dinosaur, and a toy monster."  Every time you ask him that's exactly what he says and that's exactly what he put in his letter :)  I found this great template for Santa letters here! I printed ours on some scrapbook paper and we went to town filling them out.  

Westin is doing a really great job on his writing!  For a three-year-old, I'm impressed :) You can see his little backwards "3" at the top and I'm not really sure what the circled "E" is all about at the bottom, but he probably could tell me if I asked... wish I had now!

After we wrote our letters, we did a little Christmas baking!  These boys love to help in the kitchen.  I hope they don't lose that as they get older because I really love our time together here... and I may or may not ever have any girls to help!

 We took our letters to Macy's to mail :) Have you guys ever seen these?  They're adorable!  And Macy's donates $1 to the Make-a-Wish Foundation for each stamped letter mailed... up to a million dollars.  That's kind of cool :) 
 We took a day-trip to Estes Park with all of my family Sunday.  We saw the "cabin" site, which is really just staked out and cleared.  They haven't broke ground on the new one yet, but when they do its going to be nice :) And they're getting close to starting.  My grandparents have started rebuilding next door and their's is looking fantastic.  The fire completely changed the look of the neighborhood, but the new views of the surrounding mountains (thanks to the sad loss of hundred-year-old trees) and the pretty new construction is really going to make for a very nice neighborhood.  We also took family photos and snuck in a visit to Santa!
 Westin was SO thrilled to see Santa-- such a change from last year!  And Tucker was a little apprehensive but as long as he was holding my hand he was happy to chat with Santa.  He talked his ear off about something... wish I could have translated :)

Back in Colorado Springs, we FINALLY got some real snow to play in!  The boys had a blast getting bundled up and waddling around the backyard.  And I, of course, grabbed my camera and took advantage of the pretty conditions and my sweet boys!

Just a few things I want to remember from this week:

Westin: Favorite phrase right now is "That's Bilarious!" Hehe.  Gets me every time.  My favorite conversation with him this week: ME: "Hey Westin, do you think we should have a sister in our family?"  WESTIN: "Oh, no.  That would be TERRIBLE!  How about we have another brother like Tucker?" (no, I'm not pregnant... just came up in conversation)

Tucker: Has learned to say "I love you" :) He won't say it every time you ask but when he does say it it's the sweetest thing in the world.  It sounds like "I E You" and he mostly says it to his Daddy as he's headed out the door.  "I know" is also a favorite this week, as is "My tune (turn)." 

Hope you all are enjoying your Christmas season!  We are :)  


  1. His "3" looks like it's facing the right direction to me... ?

  2. The Santa letter template is so neat, and what a neat project for Macy's! Your boys look like they are loving the Christmas season like their Mommy does! The close-up of Wes in the snow is beautiful! I love this precious family!