Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holidays Update

We've had another full, fun week of holiday stuff and I HAVE to take a minute and write it all down so I don't forget!

We did our annual holiday cookie making at my mom's house last week! I didn't get any photos of the finished product... so sad... but I did snap a few of Tucker because he was CRACKING me up.  He was so in to it.  He wanted to roll the dough out all by himself, cut the cookies with the cookie cutters all by himself, and put them on the cookie sheet... all by himself.  He was feeling quite a bit bigger than his 17 months :) 

And speaking of Tucker, he has become quite mischievous this week!  My sweet little cuddle buddy who loves puppies & babies & singing "E-I-O" has been a little walking disaster.  It's kept me in stitches, for sure... a few of the "highlights" that I captured on camera...
this looks so sweet... and it is... what I'm not showing you is the contents of my underwear drawer all over the place... he made himself a little outfit out of them too!

He would much rather run away while I'm trying to dress and change him...

He decided one day this week that his best line of defense against his big brother was his teeth.  HOPEFULLY that was a one time occurrence.  Poor Westin!

Kreg took Friday off last week for us to reconnect our family :) We have learned over the past three years that if we don't do that, these months where he is working two jobs gets to be really hard on all of us.  It was certainly much-needed and we treasured our time together! Kreg started it off with a daddy & the boys donut run :) Then, we got ready and headed up to Denver where we hit one of our favorite malls and knocked out a bunch of Christmas shopping.  Then, we made our way down the street to Chuck-E-Cheese for lunch and fun with the boys. 

After a little more shopping, we headed downtown to an adorable ice skating rink!  I was so impressed with my 3 year old... he has some incredible balancing skill!  He had a blast and was not ready to leave :) 

We stayed up in Denver with my grandparents that evening.  I feel so blessed to be close enough to do that!  We had some great, relaxing fellowship & the boys got some good "Pop Pop & Gigi" time in.  

The following day, after a big, tasty breakfast, we went to "ride Gigi's horses" (the mall carousel).  Westin has been doing this ever since he was about Tucker's age and he has never forgotten.  He loves to do it & my grandparents are gracious enough to oblige him whenever possible.  He also got to ride the train with Pop Pop which was special for all three of those boys! 

Kreg & I had to get back for his office Christmas party Saturday night.  We were so thankful to Todd & Tiffany for keeping the boys for us so we could go and enjoy some more great food & fellowship! I wish I had got a better picture of us that night because my date was looking especially handsome!

I'm so thankful for the fun times we have shared so far this season and am looking forward to the rest that we have planned.  I've learned to be better about being flexible and realizing that everything we have planned will NOT get done, but am striving to appreciate the little moments that happen spontaneously and not to let the changes of plans ruin the joy that is in every precious day.

As I sit down to write this, Tucker has snuggled up on my lap, laid his head down and fell asleep :) Moments like this remind me how incredibly deep my love for my children is and in turn, reminds me of how deep our heavenly father's love for us is.  Even deeper than this love I feel for my children, which is beyond my comprehension.  I am so thankful for His love, His grace, and for His making me a mommy so that I could better understand Him and His perfect plan for his children.

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  1. Every day is an adventure with little ones! I am so thankful that you all make the time to celebrate as a family. Love to you all.