Thursday, July 19, 2012

| Boys Update |

I wish I were better about writing down, at LEAST monthly, all the things the boys are in to & saying & doing.  It's been a LONG time since I took the time! That being said, here's some things I don't want to forget about this stage in their lives:

Westin: 3 years, 2 months
{39.5 inches tall, 31lbs (82nd percentile height, 50th percentile weight) }

His Favorite things: Daddy (they really are best buds), Movie: "Horton Hears a Who", TV Show: "Curious George", Book: "David & Goliath" (when Daddy reads it from the Golden Childrens Bible), Food: peanut butter sandwich, Drink: Chocolate Milk (usually made with coconut milk, but when I use almond milk he says, "oooh mommy this chocolate milk is so YUMMY!", Activity: playing cars or trains & going to Bible Class.

Things he's saying: Everything. HA. Sometimes I really am at a loss as to where he picked something up. My most recent favorite "Westinisms" include the following conversations:
      "Mommy, we can rebuild our cabin just like Bob the Builder! Can we fix it? YES WE CAN!"
      Me: "Westin, would you like to do something fun today?"
Westin: "Yes, can I go to school?" 
      Me: "Westin, what are you going to be when you grow up?" Westin: "a firefighter. and a prince in a castle.  Oh, and a doctor- uh, a chiropractor."
      Me: "Westin, can I cut your hair today?" Westin: "Um, no thanks, I'll just go to the barber."
Things he's doing: Again, everything.  I've noticed lately that I'll try to do something for him and his immediate response is, "oh I can do it." He has a fantastic memory & continues to do great learning memory verses-- this is how he earns his "special treats" :)  He can also quote most of "Horton Hears a Who" which cracks me up...He's doing really well learning to ride his tricycle and little bike and enjoys riding this up & down our neighborhood.  We are hoping to get him into soccer towards the end of the summer and he is REALLY excited about this-- mostly because he's the most social little guy I've ever known.  Clearly he gets this from his Daddy, not his Mommy :) He likes to help me no matter what I'm doing: cleaning, cooking, laundry, you name it... I forget if I have blogged this already -- he could spell his name by the time I got him in for his 2-year-old-check-up as well as knew his shapes & colors & learned all his ABCs shortly thereafter.  I've honestly been dragging my feet to start working on more numbers and phonics, etc., because Kreg & I always talked about waiting until he was 6 to start him in Kindergarten because he has a summer birthday... I'm really afraid if I teach him too much now that he will be bored.  I'm leaning more & more towards letting him learn at his own pace, however.  He loves to learn and it comes very easy to him.  I would love to homeschool him-- I'm praying hard about this, and only want to do it if I can be sure to do it "right." We also have him on a waiting list for a great charter school in our area, which also offers what they call a "cottage school" which allows you to homeschool and have them enrolled 2 afternoons a week to learn 2 subjects-- either math & science or english & history.  We have a little longer to think & pray but I know it will fly by!

Things we're struggling with: taking turns (getting better), grabbing things from Tucker (not really getting better...), having to be asked twice to do something or stop doing something (getting better I THINK. we have good days & bad days). Oh, and kicking. He doesn't really kick things HARD, but he wants to kick everything.  Things, people, dogs... it's very hard for him not to--he knows as soon as he does that he's about to be in trouble but poor thing just struggles with controlling that desire!

What I love most about him right now: he knows no strangers.  We can't go anywhere without him making a new friend! He just loves people! 

Tucker: 1 year
{29.25 inches tall & 22 lbs (26th percentile according to the CDC... I prefer the WHO charts for breastfed babies that puts him right in the 50th percentile :) I think pediatricians are supposed to be switching over to this chart, anyway... )}

His Favorite Things: balls, slides, nursing (SLOWLY weaning...), frozen yogurt (Tay Tay's LuLu's!), playing with Westin & Daddy, dogs, being outside, being in the water, helping with the laundry, dragging the hamburger press out of the kitchen cabinet and playing with all the pieces, climbing the bookshelves in the living room, going up and down the little tykes slide, & rolling the gospel chariot along.   

Things he's saying: Mammy (love the short "a"), Daddy, doggy, lella (Bella, my mom's dog), Tuck-ey, ink (drink), duck (stuck), NaNa (nurse), Teef (Chief), Mimi, tea, teese (when I want to take his picture), ya (yes), ah-dis ("and this", as he hands me things from the dryer), tee-too (thank you), Tay-Tay or Tay-Ti (aunt Taylor), Nee-Nee (aunt Kortney). He's just within the past week started trying to say just about anything you ask him to-- I love this stage! He also has his own sweet little language that I really want to get on video before its gone... it involves a lot of inflections :) The only sign language I taught him was "please" and "all done" -- what more do you need, right?  I didn't want to overdo it on the signs this time around so he would learn to say what he wants... we'll see how it works.  I'm completely thrilled with how much he's saying because I've known so many second children who don't talk for a very long time! 

Things he's doing: WALKING! Started at 11 months but got "stuck" at about 7 steps until the past few weeks.  Now he walks everywhere, even makes complete turns.  It amazes me how quickly they master it once they just "decide" to start.  Points at his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Climbs EVERYTHING. No more baby food-- that really didn't last long at all.  He eats small portions of what we eat & still loves to nurse.  My "goal" age for weaning is 18 months.  Westin was 16 months but by this age had given it up much more than Tucker has.  I hear more & more "the longer the better" and let's be honest, I have a hard time giving it up! He throws balls back and forth with someone (doesn't catch it, but will pick it back up and throw it back). He has six teeth, two on bottom, four on top, and I think I can see some more on the bottom starting to bubble up...

Things we're struggling with: we're starting to see tantrums developing... sigh.  Not  my favorite part of toddlerhood or mommyhood, but we'll get through it :)

What I love most about him right now: his cuddles & the way he smiles at me. He's got a great little personality and does not hide his affection! 

I just love being these little boys' mommy! Best job in the world.    


  1. I love you and I love your boys :) and I just love reading about all the fun things you guys do. Even though I get to be a part of most of it, I love seeing it written down. LOVE YOU KELEIGH KELL.

  2. I am so thankful for your blog so I can read about all of the wonderful things your boys and you are doing! It is clear that you love being a mommy, and your boys are blessed to have you as theirs!

  3. You are going to be so thankful you wrote all thes details down!! Your boys are precious, just like their mommy and daddy. You're doing a great job. God made you to be a mommy for sure!