Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Impromptu Getaway

The four of us got to take a special little getaway this past weekend!  Kreg's good friend Cole & his wife, Kelsey, invited us to join them in South Fork, CO at a little resort that Cole's family meets up at every summer.  41 years ago his great-Grandparents decided to take their family to the mountains after Harvest for some R&R and they have continued the tradition every year since in the exact same place.  That little tidbit right there just melts my heart! I'm a total sucker for tradition!  There were a couple families that couldn't make it this year so they had some extra space and invited us to join them.  My boys were in outdoor heaven.  

We drove in Friday night after Kreg got off work just in time to meet Cole & Kelsey in Monte Vista, CO at the drive-in movies.  I just LOVE drive-in movies!  We saw Brave, which Westin has been quoting ever since.  Kreg & I enjoyed the movie, too... Kreg laughed out loud more than once :) 
The boys woke up early, excited to go fishing!
 The highlight of our trip was Westin catching his first fish.  He has been fishing with Kreg several times and has watched Kreg catch fish before but never had he caught one on his own fishing pole!

Daddy & Westin

The look of concentration...

Tucker can't wait til he's big enough!
 This was such a special moment between my boys for me to get to witness :) The photographer in me wanted to tell them to turn around and get into the shade so I could get some "better" pictures... but I'm so glad I didn't because I would have missed these priceless expressions:
"Woa... look at that!"

So proud. "I did it!"

"Are you proud of me, Daddy?"

Still on cloud 9.

He couldn't stop touching it...

Couldn't take his eyes off of it...

Measuring it

Still very attached to "his" fish

An 11" rainbow
We got to do a lot of other fun little activities while we were there: 
Westin feeding the geese

Tucker & Daddy feeding the geese

We took a paddle boat ride

Fun things I did NOT get pictures of, unfortunately, include: a little train ride around the resort (again, Wes was in heaven), lots of yummy food compliments of Cole's family, roasted marshmallows & starbursts, & a lumberjack festival.

Cole's family always does a church service on Sunday morning while they're all together.  The young men take turns leading songs, reading scripture, and preaching.  Westin got to "help" by getting up and saying a couple of his memory verses which made me so very proud! I really didn't know whether or not he would want to "perform," but he did great and was proud of himself!  Maybe he'll be a preacher :) 

I was very thankful for a chance to spend some quality time with my boys with a few less distractions than normal.  It's been quite a year so far and our schedules have been very full.  It really reminded me how important it is to take a break from "busy!"


  1. Times away (especially enjoying the peace of being outside and away from the usual barrage of "life") are such treasures! Love these sweet stories... I'm so happy for Westin catching his very own fish! What a wonderful memory :)

  2. What a special weekend! Wes will remember his first catch (I know I remember catching my first bream with my daddy)! You can see the excitement in Wes' face in the video!

    Thanks for sharing the fun through your pictures and blog!