Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Festivities

I've decided that I really just need to come to terms with the fact that time is always going to pass more quickly than I think it will and I will always be waking up saying, "how could it possibly be November 9th, 2010 already?" So, rather than making MORE apologies for being so bad about keeping up with my blogging, I'm just going to catch you up-to-speed on our fall. 

We've had such an unusually warm fall here that it's felt more like an extension of our summer-- which has been just fine :) Although I will admit, I'm ready for snow and Christmas music.  

I took Westin to the pumpkin patch with my mom, sisters, and brother-- that was a hit! Not only did they have a pumpkin patch, they also had a petting zoo and corn boxes (like sand boxes) and hay slides and tractor rides.  I think he enjoyed the petting zoo the most.  There was a little black goat that he called "Beau" (that's our black lab puppy's name).  

 We enjoyed pumpkin carving at my parents' house... I'm not one that loves to play in the guts, but Westin did, not surprisingly! 

The Saturday before Halloween we dressed Westin up-- he had an adorable little giraffe costume-- and took him up to our church where the youth group had put together a little party for the little kids. He cracked me up all the way to the church as he kept looking at the head of his giraffe costume out of the corner of his eye like, "hey... what are you doing in my carseat??"  It's fun for me to watch Westin interact with "little people."  He really loves to be social!  He enjoys his Bible Class on Sunday mornings and the little friends he has made there :) 

Kreg took him trick-or-treating on Sunday evening... he'd been working on saying "trick-or-treat," which comes out "tre-o-tre." However, after a few houses, once he realized what was going on, he started saying "mo" (more) instead of "tre-o-tre..." it was pretty adorable.

This past week Kreg took off a few days and we just spent time together! He's been working SO hard lately, putting in long hours at the office and then working the replay board at the Air Force Academy football, basketball, and hockey games in the evenings and weekends.  So, we decided that we just needed a few days to be together and relax and do some fun things with Westin.  Andddddd that's exactly what we did!  The first day we spent just getting some things done around the house we'd been meaning to do for forever... which let us feel good about spending the rest of the time just having fun.  We spent most of our time in Denver-- we went to the Downtown Aquarium, which was SO MUCH FUN.  My grandparents met us there and we just followed Westin around and watched him take in all the big fish.  He is so enthusiastic about everything-- everything is "WOA" or "WOW" or "Ohhh boy."  He has an excited face that is just priceless!  My personal favorite part might have been watching Kreg feed the stingrays :) See video below...

We spent some time at my grandparents' house in Denver, getting spoiled rotten with yummy meals and playthings for Westin.  We celebrated my little cousin's 5th birthday with all of that side of my family...and ate some more :)

THEN, we went to the Denver Zoo.  Again, it was a bit hit with Wes! He was in a very giggly mood all afternoon and he just laughed and laughed and laughed... especially at all the monkeys! You can't help but be happy when that little boys is laughing! :) 

Looking back at the past few weeks, and living with my new realization of how quickly time is passing, I am SO thankful that God made us to make memories. I am treasuring these days with my sweet little boy and I know that he will not be little for very long at all!


  1. Westin is so cute in his little giraffe costume!

  2. You guys are just having way too much fun up there. ;) Loved the update!