Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Fun

Summer is getting away from me! Which part of me feels is fine, due to the lack of air conditioning in my house... but part of me wants to do so much more summer stuff with Westin before Colorado gets cold again! The past few weeks have been so busy... I won't bore you with THOSE details, but we have managed to squeeze some fun in. 

Westin attended his first birthday party this month! Happy Birthday to Jameson & Channing! I got this adorable shot:

We also made it to Water World-- Westin LOVED the water slides! I figured he would enjoy the kiddie pools the best, but no, no... he wanted to get the big inner-tubes and go 
down all the big, scary rides! We had a great time-- we were able to go with my sisters, my mom, my brother, and my aunt & uncle and their four kids.  

I was sad that Kreg couldn't join us for water world, so the next weekend we made a family trip to Wilson Ranch pool-- there are not many public pools in Colorado Springs, so it was very busy! Westin again, had fun though and got to try out his new floatie! 

My parents and my sisters are headed to Vienna, Austria next week! I'm so excited for them and can't help but be a little jealous!  I will stay extra busy, however, because I will be in charge of three houses, nine dogs, and two little boys (one of which is about to turn 14 and not that "little"...) it will be an adventure! 


  1. Hey, I'm the first to comment! You are having so much fun with that little boy. Westin is such a sweet little guy. That's might brave for him to want the big rides. Love you all

  2. Looks like he had a recent haircut, too! You know where to go when it starts snowing in October and you need a shorts fix! We'll probably still be in the low 90's.

  3. Thanks for posting your "summer fun" pictures! Westin seems to love the water!