Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Campbell's Newborn Portraits

Campbell's Newborn Portraits 

 Our first month with Cami was full of snuggles and shopping and pinching ourselves over this sweet little bundle of girliness!  All the boys are crazy about her and adjusted quickly to having a little sister.  I can't wait to watch their relationships develop and see the impacts they make on each other as they grow.  A few things I want to remember about this sweet time:

*Tucker holding her, smiling his big Tucker grin and telling the whole room "She's ours forever!"

*Brooks calls her "my baby Cami" and can't let her out of his sight

*The boys sing to her when she cries, their favorite is one they made up that goes "baby Cami, don't you cry!" over and over and over and over... :)

We love you, sweet Cami-Bell!  So glad you joined our family!

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