Friday, July 10, 2015

Boys Birthday Bash {2015}

We did another giant combined birthday party again this year!  Our boys' birthdays all fall within a 6-week period so it just makes sense.  At least right now!  They have a pretty easy time agreeing on a theme (TMNT this year, of course), they have many of the same friends, and they're best buds!  

We felt SO very blessed this year as their outdoor party was planned on a week when we had torrential downpours EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I just know God heard their sweet little prayers asking for good weather because we were blessed with a perfect little pocket of sunshine & 75 degrees for the entirety of the party.  Thank you, God!

The most ridiculous thing I did for the party this year was make 50 ninja masks...  good grief.  I should have just bought them!  It was a labor of love, however... and my boys enjoyed them! Worth all twelve hours of sewing. 

 My Dad said at his last count we had roughly 65 people at the party.  We ordered 14 pizzas and had WAY TOO MUCH leftover.  Either people were being overly polite or my family consumes way more pizza than the average... I fear it may be the latter.  However, after living on leftover pizza the entire week after the party, we may have cured our love for the stuff.  Maybe.
 Kreg is in the running for Dad of the Year because he made the cake pops!  From scratch.  I handed him the recipe and he went to town.   He made 80 of them, all of which were consumed before I had a chance to try them.  So I'm guessing they were amazing.  And thanks to my mom & grandma for tying all the "ninja masks" on 80 cake pops.   

 Thank you to all our wonderful friends & family who made this such a special day for our boys! It wouldn't have been the same without each of you.  Your thank you notes are on their way & I apologize if we didn't thank you for the correct gift... the free-for-all mass opening wasn't quite what I had planned so I probably missed something here or there.  Just know you were a blessing to us and we are so thankful you came out to celebrate with us!

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