Thursday, May 14, 2015

To Westin

 Darling boy:

Today you are six!  I love sitting down each year to reflect on your growth and to marvel at our God's handiwork in you.  Do you know how much I love you?  I love you fiercely.  I know you like to "one up" me on the know-how-much-I-love-you game... but I have a secret.  I always win!  Someday you'll understand, but for now, its enough that you know I love you as much as you can possibly imagine.  I will always be thankful that you made me a mommy!

It's been another wonderful year of getting to know you! This year I watched you grow in your role as "big brother" and "helper." Your love for Tucker and our little Brooks is so endearing!  I've told you many times that one of your gifts from God is the gift of "protector" and you take it very seriously.  I see your protective nature come out as you care for your brothers, as you defend your soccer goal, as you play Superheroes, and in your concern for every living creature-- even the slugs in the dirt!  Brooks loves your playfulness and silliness and your willingness to play with him! Tucker looks up to you for every little thing.  I know he has a special way of pushing your buttons but he can't stand it when you're away too long.  He's going to miss you so very much when you start school in the fall! 

I know I can always count on you to find new ways to help. From making beds and putting away laundry to pulling weeds to entertaining Brooks and helping me cook, you are a wonderful help to me! Thank you for your eagerness and willingness to exercise your servant's heart.  The blessings it brings to this world will extend far beyond me and your home. 

You are the biggest lover of people that I know.  Your big, social personality is pushing me out of my comfort zone and teaching me to be better at loving people too.  I'm so sorry for the days that I fail you in this area! I'm working on it, I promise.

Thank you for being my precious son and my sweet little friend.  I enjoy our time together and I'm finding it so hard to imagine giving any of that up as you begin your kindergarten career.  I know you're going to love it, though!  Your love of learning and people will make school such a delight for you and I'm excited to watch you excel in all the new loves you find this year and in the years to come.

Have the happiest of birthdays, my love! I'm praying 1 Cor. 16:13-14 over you this year:  Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love.

With ALL my heart,


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