Friday, July 12, 2013


It's birthday season in the Kell house! In addition to the numerous extended family birthdays and national holidays encompassed in the 6-week period between May 14th and June 27th, we also get to celebrate both boys' birthdays during this season :) Starting next year, I'm seriously contemplating doing one big party about June 1st to celebrate both at the same time... we'll see :) Here's a recap of the partying we did this year!

All of you probably know that Westin is a HUGE Mario fan.  Not only is he very good at all the Wii/Nintendo 3DS games, he also enjoys dressing up as Mario, playing with his Mario action figures, and has quite a large supply of Mario clothes, backpacks, etc.  So, naturally, his party had a Mario theme this year. I never played video games growing up so this Mario fad is totally new to me and I'm learning as we go... What I know about Mario is he has a huge mustache so I had to include the mustaches as part of the theme. HA! PS-- thank you, cousin Tiff, for helping me get pictures of this party!
 I was calling these marshmallow pops "green mushrooms" but was later informed by my son and his friends that they are called "one-ups" not green mushrooms.  Live and learn!

 We fed just over 50 people homemade pizzas... and yes, I made all 12 pizzas in just one oven.  On the top of my list for my next house... DOUBLE OVENS.

Tucker's party was much more low-key.  We've decided not to start the big, invite all our friends parties until age 3, because that was when Westin started asking to have friends at his party.  So, we celebrated Tucker's 2nd birthday with just our extended family again this year. I asked him what kind of cake he wanted and he said "Super Why party!" I was not expecting this as Westin could have cared less what the theme of his 2nd birthday party was... but after just watching all the hoopla of the Mario party, my little 2-year-old knew exactly what he wanted.  His favorite cartoon that he usually watches while I get ready in the mornings is "Super Why!" so that's what we went with :)

 We had a great time celebrating our precious boys and are so thankful for all the people who celebrated with us! And for all our friends and family far away-- we wish you could have been with us but are so thankful that you all remembered our boys with your phone calls, messages, gifts, and cards!  Our boys are very loved and truly blessed!

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