Tuesday, May 14, 2013

To My Westin


May 14, 2013
My darling Westin,
Happy fourth birthday, love! Each year as I sit down to reflect on your growth, I am always amazed at what a difference just a year makes. You are growing so strong and handsome! I am so blessed to be your mommy.

I know you're really excited about turning four! I'm excited with you but have to admit that it's just a little bit hard to watch you grow so quickly. These precious days we spend together are so fleeting and I know I will wake up one of these days and wonder where the time has gone. I hope and pray that your childhood will be full of happy memories and that you will always feel a warmth and fondness when you think back to these days. I know from here on out you will be developing real memories that will last your lifetime. Here's some things I hope you remember from this year.
    • Our family cabin burning down-- I hope this will help you to always remember that THINGS can always be replaced, our treasures are in heaven, and like you said: “we can rebuild our cabin just like Bob the Builder. Can we fix it? YES WE CAN!”
    • Catching your first fish at Fun Valley-- you reeled him in all by yourself and frequently made trips to the freezer to check on him later :) I hope this will be a pastime you and your Daddy & your Chief & Your Papaw will always be able to enjoy together!
       *Mario Kart nights with Daddy-- you two are such good buds! It's fun to watch (and listen) to you boys while you're playing the wii together. You're getting really good at it and I know he loves to play with you!
    • Playing soccer for the first time! It may have barely resembled soccer, but you learned about teamwork, listening to instructions, & had a lot of fun in the process. I hope this is also a love that will stick with you and you will always find pleasure in athletic exertion. It's good for you!
    • Planting the garden with Mommy-- I love that this has become “our thing.” You're involved in every step of the process from planting to watering to harvesting and I think you look forward to it just as much as I do!
    • Nighttime stories and prayers-- you & Daddy have made it through several books this year and it's a part of your day you always look forward to. I love to hear your prayer life developing and watch you grow in knowledge and understanding of our Lord. Your prayers are heartfelt and innocent and I hope and pray that they also continue to be a rich and important part of your daily life. I pray that one day praying becomes just like breathing for you.
    • Christmas! We made so many great memories at Christmastime this year :) I hope you will look back and remember ice skating, baking with Mimi, visiting Pop-Pop & Gigi and riding their train, writing letters to Santa & visiting him in Estes... and of course the anticipation of Santa's visit and the delight in your eyes when you woke up Christmas morning!

I'm SO proud of you, baby! You're good at everything you set your mind to being good at, you think of others' feelings, you love surprises almost as much as your Daddy, you are the most social little creature I've ever met-- knowing no strangers, you love deeply, you learn quickly... every day is an adventure and I hope that while you're making memories, you always remember how very loved you are! Loved by everyone who knows you, but especially by your mommy. There is a special “Westin” place in my heart that no one else could ever fill. I look forward to making as many memories together as God allows us-- and I pray that they are many and full of joy! I can't wait to celebrate you today! Happy, Happy Birthday!

Your Mommy

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