Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Boys

These boys are growing and changing TOO quickly!  I have so much to say about 2013 so far but I feel more inclined to sit and talk about my babies a little.  

Westin: 3 years, 9 months {39" tall, 37 lb}

This sweet boy is so generous with his "I love you"s and "I'm so glad you're mine"s and "I'm so glad God gave me you"s-- I hope he's always so sweet, he just melts this mommy heart. His Daddy taught him to tell me, "Mommy, I love you this much (holds up two fingers about an inch apart), but it goes all the way around the world and comes right back!" Love.  Love.  Love.

He's brilliant.  The way he thinks and analyzes things just amazes me. Don't try to pull the wool over his eyes.  Don't ever think he's not listening.  Don't ever think he'll forget something you say.  He's learning to read and doing really well.  His favorite book so far is Hop on Pop. He always knows how to get where he's going-- if I turn a different way than we normally take in the car, he knows it and calls me out on it (and Colorado Springs is not THAT small OR that easy to get around) He can figure out any electronic game/video game MUCH faster than I can.  He's obsessed with Mario (we're talking the Super Mario Bros. Mario) and is always sporting his Mario costume from Halloween (except when I tell him we MUST wash it or we're going out of the house)-- it's about to unravel, I'm sure of it... and I won't lie, I will probably celebrate when it does. Also on the top of his list of favorites:  Sonic the Hedgehog, Iron Man, and Diego.

Recent favorite quotes: 
"I made a really bad mistake.  I spilleded some water on the floor over there."

"I wish I could fly like a bird-- all the way up to heaven with Jesus and then all the way back down to you!"

"Mommy, why do you and Daddy have the same bed?"  Me: because we're married.  "Why are you married?" Me: because we love each other.  "Oh, well then Tucker and I are married too because we love each other."  Me: Well.  That's wonderful.  But that's different-- you're brothers, Daddy & I are husband and wife.  It's different.  "Why?"  Me: Why don't you go play Mario Kart? 

Tucker: (almost)20 months {32" tall, 23 lbs}

This little boy has an incredibly competitive spirit.  Of course I shouldn't be surprised, it definitely runs in his blood... but it's funny to see it manifest itself in a 20-month-old.  He wants to be able to do EVERYTHING his brother does!  And he will keep trying until he CAN.  He potty trained himself at 18.5 months.  No joke.  He started telling me when he needed to go so we started taking him and within 2 weeks he was totally out of diapers and wearing his "big boy pants." I wish I could pinpoint when he started having conversations with us but it's one of those funny things that just happens and you don't realize it until one day you're like... WAIT... when did you start talking to me and actually making sense?  I LOVE to hear him and his brother carrying on conversations together!  He's quite the little show-off and you can frequently hear him saying: "At me, mommy!"  He's also quite the little singer.  I catch him singing anything he can and he always tries to sing along with everyone, even if he's never heard the song.  Both of my boys are cuddlers but this one I am sure thinks he's still attached to me at the umbilical cord. I'm not complaining... but it does make daily chores a bit more difficult whilst carrying around a 23 lb 20-month-old.

Recent favorite Tuckerisms:
"Oh.  Yeah!"
"Excuse my mouth"
"A drink NOW"
"Dirty Bath" (usually in reference to the car that he wants to take through the car wash... sometimes in reference to himself)
"Oh my OODness!"
"Tay-Tay's LuLu's" (our fro-yo stop) 

I feel so blessed to be the mama to these boys!  Thank you, God, for blessing me with such beautiful blessings.  Please give me everything I need to be the right kind of Mommy and show me how to do my part in molding them into the kind of men you want them to become.  


  1. Oh, these just make me happy. Your boys are the loves of my life. I'm so glad I get to be their aunt, and that I get to spend as much time with them as I do. Glad you're documenting it all too!

  2. Thank you, Keleigh, for sharing the day-to-day with your boys. I am so thankful that you see the blessings in every day! Love to you all!

  3. What a sweet catch-up! Those boys are just adorable, and I love to see how you treasure each moment.