Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring In Our Step

I feel like Spring came early to Colorado this year... which is a really great thing because by the end of February I felt like I really couldn't take two more months full of snow and bitter temperatures.  Thankfully, March was SO NICE.  This was Westin's first warm Easter EVER.  We even got to hunt eggs OUTSIDE! 

 I made the boys Easter shirts which was a lot of fun :) I love my embroidery machine!! I had to get one last photo of Westin's long hair... apparently I'm the only one who loved it so I gave in & let him get a "summer cut" which of course looks handsome on him also!

 The boys had a lot of fun dyeing eggs at my parents' house.  Westin really got into it this year & wanted to color EVERYONE's eggs... multiple times.  We had some pretty interesting colors :) And Tucker decided to smash his & eat it... to each his own...

I always have so much fun dressing my boys up :) I always thought dressing boys would be pretty boring but I find it both fun & challenging! This years' Easter outfits were super fun.  My mom bought them both little Sperrys to wear so I wanted to find them something they could wear with their cute "boat shoes!"  We ended up with this: 
 The Easter Bunny stopped at IKEA on his way to our house! :) Kreg & I are so blessed to have family close to watch our babies when we want to go on a date.  We try to make it a point to have one date night a month.  March's date was to IKEA in Denver... probably my new favorite place.  You can spend a whole day in that store... the food is great, the prices are great, the toys are awesome... I'm tellin' ya! 

Now that Kreg is home in the evenings more (no more Air Force Academy games until football starts), we've been making it a point to take family walks as many nights a week as possible.  We're enjoying the nice weather, giving our labs some exercise, letting Westin ride his awesome chicco bike with no pedals, and helping to get ourselves in shape because we are leaving on Saturday for a cruise!! To the Bahamas!! We can't wait... my hubby works SO hard & I am so excited for some R&R and some time to regroup & reacquaint! Not to mention I have never been to the Bahamas & I'm really excited about taking in some beautiful scenery.  

We've been in our home for three years this summer & every Spring I love watching all of the work we've put into our landscaping start to mature.  My tulips are just lovely this year! They were one of the first things I planted after we moved in & thankfully they have come back better & better each year.

 Tucker is 9 (almost 10) months now & just a treat.  He's got such a winning smile that is very hard to say "no" to & he loves his big brother more than anything in the world!  He is always watching him & mimicking him & trying to figure out how he can do everything Westin does.  The words in his vocabulary include both mama & dada, "nana" (food), hi, Tay -Tay (of course... one of Westin's first also) and tay-too (thank you).  He signs "please" when he wants something... usually food.  He's a big eater (at least compared to Westin) and is somehow still only in the 10th percentile for his weight... not sure how much stock I put in that measurement as he has the cutest little leg rolls I've ever seen. He walks around everything & stands up on his own but hasn't tried to walk yet. I did his 9-month photoshoot & was really pleased with the shots we got!  Here's the link to the ones I put on our photoraphy business's facebook page:
 Tucker- by it'sALLgood photography
 We're looking forward to everything the next few months have in store for us! It will be busy, for sure, but that's how we do things.  Between our vacation, Westin's birthday, our anniversary, & Tucker's birthday, you will **hopefully** be hearing from me a lot :) I have such lofty goals for this little corner of my world... I'm going to try to be better about carving out a little more time each week to try to record the precious things I don't want to forget.  Starting.... oh... I don't know... when I get back.  Hopefully. <3


  1. Love your blog Kel. Your family is amazing and a HUGE blessing to me! Love watching you all grow. Love Dad

    1. Love you, Daddy! We're so blessed to have you so close!