Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In a better mood... have some things to share!

Well, I'm feeling much better than I was last time you heard from me.  There have been no more upsets with the vehicle, Westin's face is healing, no more Sheriff's deputies showing up at my door, no more nasty notes from neighbors, Kreg is home... all is well. 

I just finished the designs I had promised for some of my clients for Christmas cards.  I thought I'd offer them to any of you who may still be looking for Christmas cards & who are interested in doing it on a tight budget! Just let me know if any of you want them-- I can either send you the photoshop file if you use photoshop & you can add the photos yourself, or you can email me your photos & I'll add them & send them to you as a .jpg file & you can upload them yourselves. You can either upload them as a 5x7 photo and have them printed at your favorite 1-hour-photo place (very cheap & easy! just remember to factor in the cost of envelopes!) or, you can check out these other deals I've come across that make it cheap & easy as well:

*Vistaprint-- offering 20 cards for $1.99 (total) plus shipping & I know they offer blank templates where you can upload your own design.  Click Here for the $1.99 Deal

*MyPublisher-- if you haven't used them before, you can get $20 in products free by clicking on this link and starting your new account. If you have used them before, you can also get 30% any of their cards by entering the code HOLCARD30.  

*Snapfish-- offering 40% off their cards through Dec. 11 plus free shipping-- use code CARDSFS40. 

I'm sure there are lots of other great deals, those are just the ones I have come across! Here are the designs I have, you may want to click on them to see the full size...

 Well, just thought I'd share! Like I said... just let me know! Hope you all are enjoying the season! Much love!

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