Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Summer Highs & Lows

Blogging hiatus?  Not on purpose.  Did we have a summer? Surely not.  Oh, wait... I have pictures that say otherwise.  All I can say is, thank goodness I took pictures :) I might not have been able to remember this incredible summer, it just went by in a whirlwind. Rather than try to re-cap it all, here's my "highs & lows" list!

1.) Tucker Kreg Kell, born June 27th, 7 lb 15 oz of perfect

2.) Our "babymoon"-- Kreg got to take the whole week off to spend with Westin, Tucker & I.  It was the BEST baby gift Kreg's bosses could have given us. ;)

3.) Company round 1-- Craig & Carol made it in on July 3rd to spend time with us.  We had a fabulous time with them, spending the 4th shopping, going to Chuck E Cheese, dinner with friends, and a Sky Sox baseball game & fireworks.

4.)Not sure exactly if this is a high or a low, but on July 5th, we had Tucker's circumcision done. Despite the tears on my part, it really was a great experience.  We had a Jewish mohel come to our home for the procedure.  I don't think I would want to do it any other way now!  It was so quick, bloodless, and gentle.  Kreg & I got to be right there with him & I got to nurse him within seconds of finishing.  Tucker did great & the mohel was fantastic.

5.) Company round 2-- the Hodges family made it in half an hour after the circumcision :) It was sooo good to spend time with them, and for Westin to get to play with his cousins!  We headed up to Estes Park for a day, and then back into town & conquered the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo! 
6.) Company round 3: Kreg's Dad, his step-mom, step-brother, his aunt, uncle, and, two cousins came to visit the day that company round 2 left.  They got in and the next day we loaded up and went to the cabin for several days! It was wonderful to be able to spend time in the mountains and we also got to spend some time with my grandparents who are "summering" up there.  Highlights of this trip include Westin, Papaw, the chipmunks & the fig-newtons, and the tour of MacGregor Ranch-- a "must" while staying in Estes Park.

7.) The one for-sure LOW on my summer list: The letter in the mail we received from the IRS, who found an error on our 2009 tax return resulting in A BIG CHUNK of my money going back to them... not to mention a BIG CHUNK of my time figuring out and re-filing my taxes from two years ago. 
8.) We started potty training... it's been put on hold, however, as my son has an odd fascination with pooping anywhere but in the toilet.  We'll get there.
9.) We had some pool-time fun :)

10.) More Sky Sox baseball

11.) The train at Cripple Creek!  My dad treated us all to a train ride up in Cripple Creek.  Westin is crazy about Thomas the Tank Engine right now, in fact any train really, so we knew he'd love a train ride!  To make it all just perfect, the train we got was blue and red just like Thomas.  We had a picnic after the ride & then took the jeeps jeepin'... it was a great summer day with only one minor fender bender.  Thankfully our State Farm agent was in the jeep ahead of us & all we had to do was sing the State Farm jingle & he magically appeared :) (thanks, daddy!)

12.) My baby sister Kortney decided to transfer to Harding this semester.  I just cannot express how ELATED I was to hear her decision, and of course, it did not take long for me to ask my mom if I could tag along to move her in.  Kreg ended up getting to go as well, which was awesome!  We got to see some great friends & family & spend some time out at the farm with Mamaw (Tucker's first farm experience!) We were so thankful for this unexpected trip.

That pretty much sums up the major pieces of our summer! Being a mommy of two is even better than I could have imagined :) Westin & Tucker love each other already & I love spending my days being their mommy.  Westin amazes me every day with all the things his little brain soaks in.  A post coming up soon has to be current Westin-isms because I cannot go ten minutes without cracking up at his hilarious conversations with me! Also coming up: WE JUST GOT BACK FROM A FANTASTIC FAMILY VACATION.  It deserves more than a measly spot on the highs & lows list (As did most of the other events, but they are too far in the past now) and there are things about it I don't want to forget, so I will be posting memories soon. In the works this weekend: quick getaway trip to see the fall colors on the western slope of Colorado.  I can't wait!    

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