Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was so much fun with Westin this year!  I just loved watching his excitement and enthusiasm.  

We dyed eggs with my siblings and parents at my mom's house this year.  I wasn't sure how Wes would do, but as soon as my sister showed him how to dip the eggs in the dye, he didn't stop "decorating" his 6 eggs until I finally decided we'd made a big enough mess!  We all just watched him for a good 30 minutes before anyone else decided to join him-- it was very entertaining! I would say at least half of his eggs got "squished" in the process, but that didn't bother him at all.

Easter morning I got us all up early and was ready for Westin to "open" his Easter basket when I realized that my camera bag with all three of my cameras was at my mom's house :(  I was so disappointed!  Kreg got a few shots and a video on his blackberry, which really takes pretty decent pictures and I was very thankful we at least had that.  Westin LOVED hunting for his Easter eggs (Easter in Colorado is generally cold so we do our hunt indoors... this year, even being in late April, we had snow on the ground!).  He lined them all up in a nice row on the couch to observe his loot when he had finished.  

After we all got ready, we went to my mom & dad's for breakfast!  My mom outdid herself like usual, we had a wonderful sausage souffle and sweet potato biscuits and then did another egg hunt at their house. By this point, Westin was a pro at hunting for eggs!  And, as usual, the Easter bunny brought lots of fun goodies for us all.  Westin got lots of new activity books for church which was perfect!  It helped tame him despite the sugar rush I know he was experiencing by the time we got there!  Kreg & I got some great spring planting goodies and two one-hour massages... I.CAN.NOT.WAIT. to use mine! 

After church we went back to my mom & dad's for ham.  Mmmmmmmm.  One of my favorites that we just don't do very often! I made a strawberry pie for dessert.  I'm pretty sure this one day contributed to half my weight gain for the past couple of weeks :)  

I can't believe it's nearly May.  I know once May hits I'm going to turn around and Tucker will be here.  May is the busiest month of the year for our family... just to name a few "events," we have Mother's Day, Westin's 2nd birthday, my mom's birthday, my sister's birthday, my parents' anniversary, and our anniversary.  Many of our extended family members also have birthdays in May.  Thankfully, this year we do not have a graduation in our immediate family to add to the  May festivities :) for the past several years, we have! I'm excited for everything in store for us and very much looking forward to welcoming this sweet little boy into our family!  Have I mentioned lately the fact that I am blessed beyond measure? 


  1. Oh, great pictures, Keleigh! Love keeping up with your family through the blog. Love you all and hope to see you sometime soon.
    Aunt Donna

  2. I enjoyed the pictures too! The Easter outfits were great -- love Westin's hat!

  3. A true CO Easter outfit. Shorts with long sleeves! It's like all of us girls who wore our sleeveless dresses and sandals with a huge coat on top! It's Easter, for Pete's sake! Seriously, though, LOVE the outfits!