Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Balloons, Snacks, and Rashes-- Oh, My!

I love being a mom!  Have I mentioned that lately? Because I really do. Nothing has ever been more challenging or more rewarding, and I have a pretty good feeling nothing else ever will be.  So, I am enjoying the day-to-day.  Which is never, ever boring! Kreg and my Dad spent labor day weekend in the mountains bow hunting... we're hoping to get some good meat in the freezer this year!  While they were gone, Westin & I spent most of the weekend with my mom.  We took Westin to the Colorado Balloon Classic, which I haven't been to in years.  It's a HUGE hot air balloon festival.  We got up early Monday morning and drove down to Memorial Park to watch all the balloons lift off.  When we got down there, however, we found out that even though it was a beautiful, clear morning, they expected the wind to pick up and hinder the balloons from landing, so they did not even lift off.  They just blew them up so we could look.  I was disappointed at first, but Westin wasn't.  He loved it, so I did too. Unfortunately, the best picture I got of him that day was this one:

On a side note, Westin's appetite has like... quadrupled in the past month.  He is constantly grabbing my hand and taking me to the fridge saying "nack, nack!" I want to feed him healthy snacks, but buying healthy food is so expensive! So, my solution has been to buy healthy fruits and basic ingredients and do lots of cooking!  I have really enjoyed making yummy, healthy snacks... the biggest hits so far have been granola bars and pretzels.  

Also new this month-- a lovely rash that has appeared around Westin's mouth that doesn't seem to want to go away.  I have scrolled through just about every nasty child rash picture on the internet and in my baby books (not recommended for those with weak stomachs) and tried every basic, natural solution I can think of for the poor guy. Some days it looks better than others, but I can't pin-point anything we're doing differently to make it better. It doesn't seem to bother him and he has no other symptoms so I suppose it will be fine until his check up next month.  I'm posting a picture (look out!) in case any of you wonderful mom's/grandma's/great-grandma's recognize this lovely outbreak.  As always, I am open to suggestions! (as you can see, it hasn't affected his infectious smile!) 

And, on that note, I think you're caught up-to-speed with the Kell household!


  1. Westin is looking so much like Kreg these days!!! Those pretzels and granola bars look good! What's your recipe? And for the rash, no clue!!! Sorry!

  2. He is handsome even with a rash! I can’t believe how he is growing and changing.

    The cause of rashes can be so elusive. It’s hard to pin down a food allergy or some other irritant causing dermatitis. As long as it doesn’t become infected, I’ll bet he will be OK.

    The pretzels look beautiful! I am so impressed with your culinary skills, Keleigh!

  3. Keleigh,

    Just found your blog! So cute and great pictures!! Your homemade healthy snacks look great! I would love the recipes!
    When Kole was little, he constantly had a rash on his face. His ended up a food allergy that he eventually grew out of. But I remember feeling so bad for the little man, because it did bother him sometimes.
    I hope your doc. visit gives you some answers!