Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meet Beau

We added a new member to our little family. Beau is our new, cute, fluffy, black English-style labrador. We agreed over the winter that when the weather got nicer, it would be good to find Max (our 18-month-old lab/beagle mix) a brother to keep him company now that I've transitioned him to a mostly "outside" dog :).

We had seriously considered adopting a friend from the humane society, but once we got down there all the dogs were sick with kennel cough and we realized we had no way of knowing what kind of a history the poor dogs had... and with an 11-month-old, we decided not to take our chances and that we would be better to find a puppy that we can train. Besides that, Kreg really wants a bird dog! So, we opened the paper Friday and found a breeder who had 8-week-old English-style labs. When we called, we found out 9 of the 11 had gone that morning so Kreg and Kortney and I RAN 45 minutes down the road to pick up Beau, who has been wonderful so far! We all love him, including Max and Westin. I told Kreg that this was "his" baby that he would get up with during the night, since I get up with Westin who STILL does not sleep through the night! Lo and behold, Beau got up once the first night and has been sleeping through til 6:30 am every night since. Not fair in my book, but I'm happy that Kreg gets his sleep :).


  1. Welcome to the fam, Beau! And I'm lovin' that Cowboy star on the boy. ;) Love you guys!

  2. What a cutie! Sounds like you guys are getting a full house! :)